Top 5 Types of Watches

One of the most common accessories out there, watches have been for more than 100 years not only an objective to track time but a fashion element. Executives wear them, Lawyers, Doctors, Teaches, Mums, Students, Kids wear them to as the varieties are endless. Digital, Quartz, Manual, Steel bracelet, Rubber Bracelet, Pilots, Divers, are common among the population. It is fact that over the years, watches have been part of our daily lives and will be for a long time.

This article has the goal to discuss which types of watches are most popular among consumer, why they are popular and who wear them.

Stainless Steal Watches

They are seemed as a product of luxury, used by actors portraying businessmen and attorneys, those Stainless Steal Watches always send out the impression of success. Omega, Role x, Tag Hauer, are classic watch manufacturers that not only mastered the art of creating a sophisticated stainless steal watch, but also makes sure that their watches have technological advances and advertising messages relating to sports figures, movie characters and even influencing organisations such as NASA.

Pilots Watch

The highly acclaimed Swiss watches are also known as Pilot watches. The finesse that those bring to the table are incomparable with any other type of watch out there. They have a precise way of manufacturing, a precise size, precise leather bracelets, simply a masterpiece. IWC was formed in 1868 and since then, it has been producing the pilots in which has been as always be a symbol of brilliance.

Diver Watches

Categorized as watches with a greater water resistance than 10 ATM, Diver watches are not made only for diving or any sort of water activity, they represent an active man that although one is wearing a suit, one is adventurous. The Omega "Marine", introduced in 1932 was the first diver watch to be created and instantly after it's release, it was a huge success among Navy officers and therefore being named the official watch for the Royal Italian Navy.

Military Watches

Do not be fooled by their simple design and their robust feel. Military Watches are considered to be what real man uses, of course everyone will say that about their own watches, however Military watches can be seem in the wrist of Generals, Air Forces official and the brave and courageous soldiers from every war ever fought. What brought up a new kick to military watches in the past 5 years is the Nite brand in which consists or the most modern military technology relating to time tracking. Features such as a rare illumination technology and Uni-directional bezels for elapse timing are part of the Men's Military Watch.

Sport Watches

Different designs, diverse features, loads of brands in one market. For the companies manufacturing these watches, it is a fierce and competitive exercise. The designs for Sport Watches are being more sophisticated since the jogging culture came around and therefore by now 2010, sophistication, comfort, style, finesse are sometimes all involved in a watch that basically is marketed as something to take it with when going for a walk in the park. Features have also become rather ambitious in those types of watches, something that counts the steps you take on a quick run are not amusing to sport watches enthusiast any more.