Adidas Modulate Review - The Adidas Modulate Winter Running Shoe

One question many people have asked regarding the hyped up release of the Adidas Modulate is... Does it actually modulate the temperature of your feet? This question is quite open though and can have many different answers and many points reflecting the yes and no aspect. To understand the question you need to first understand what the Adidas Modulate is meant for....

This running shoe has a very specific purpose and that purpose is winter running. When you take this into consideration you can see that it will have features to benefit this as much as possible. Doing this gives the runners the best possible experience and best fit for the climate they are in.

Running trainers are meant to support the seasons you run in and if you don't have the right running trainer suited to the season your in or going into it might not perform as well as expected. This is because the rubber grip will be different and be in different places to support the surface type. For example in winter the surface will be wetter than in summer, so will need more grip.

The Adidas Modulate includes a smart material mesh on the insole which helps to keep your feet warm during the winter season while also ensuring your feet don't overheat when it's too hot. So yes you can say the Adidas Modulate does modulate the temperature of your feet.

For this to really benefit you, you need to be walking or running often in these conditions. Wearing a pair of Adidas Modulates during the winter season will do you well in the long term as it will lead to a longer lifespan and a more comfortable fit.